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Wordpress has adopted a number of page builders that will assist you in making your website professional, user-friendly, and amazing to look at. One of them is Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect is the visual page builder that is built from the ground up for business and conversion focused websites. It has been around as the ‘Thrive Content Builder’ – the first front-end editor but changed its name to Thrive Architect with the addition of new features.

It’s goal is to replace static websites with dynamic websites by adding animations to text, images, paragraphs, headings, and so on.

So, What’s New?

Ultra-Flexible Column Layout

You can easily add an element of column and resize it or change the position of the column by just dragging it on the screen with no worry of sections or segments.

ultra flexible

Attention-Grabbing Text And Image Combination

Since, sometimes it is really difficult to read the text on the image. Therefore, Thrive Architect has solved this problem by giving you access to a variety of colors and gradient of colors for better visibility.

Attention-Grabbing Text And Image Combination

Glossy Look With Total Font Customization

You have complete control over the website because of their typeface option which comes with 700 custom fonts to choose from. That’s why you can easily give a magazine type look or classy poster look to your website.

Glossy Look With Total Font Customization

Full-width layouts

You can change the width according to your requirement either by a full screen or a particular position. Vertical split layout can also be added to better usability.

[elementor-template id="8247"]
Full-width layouts

Attention grabbing hover effect

You can add hover effects over image and text that will give life to your website and attract attention to your website which means more customers.

Attention grabbing hover effect

Customize each detail with zero coding experience

Whether you are a developer or not, Thrive Architect will still benefit you and provides each feature to create your website into something amazing.

Customize each detail with zero coding experience

Front-End Editor

In recent years, this trend of front-end editor has taken its toll on the market of WordPress. But before that Thrive Architect was one of the only page builders that offers front-end editor and still has maintained its uniqueness and functionality. Sadly, for a lot of page builder, they have provided the front-end editor but not actually provided the proper functionality behind it.

A normal front-end editor look

A normal front-end editor look

Thrive Architect front-end editor look

Thrive Architect front-end editor look

Thrive Architect really puts the effort on its front-end editor. According to them, it takes some serious work to develop landing pages with 70 to 150 interactions with the page. A business or sale page can take up to 1000 of interactions that can be a bit complex to deal with. Thrive Architect is putting its efforts and passion into their page builder for satisfied and happy customers. Therefore, say goodbye to the lazy front-end editors!

Building Blocks Of Thrive Architect

If you are looking to grow your business or boost your conversion than Thrive Architect is the right place for you as it offers some features that are specifically developed for these purposes that includes call to action button, testimonials, styled lists, credit card icons, lead generation forms, content boxes, animated countdown timers, content reveal, pricing tables, contact forms, guarantee boxes, and call-to-action box.

Building Blocks Of Thrive  Architect

If you are looking to edit your web page then there is a different collection of building blocks that Thrive Architect provides for its users which are paragraph/text, heading, image, background section, column layout, click to tweet, social share, Disqus comments, facebook comments, custom menu, divider, fill counter, progress bar, full scalable icons, post grid, and many more.

Thrive Architect Building Blocks Of for your page

Integration Support

Thrive Architect also provides integration services to a number of different platforms. Some of them are

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MailChimp
  • InfusionSoft
  • Mailrelay
  • WordPress
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Sendy
  • Spark Post, and many more.
Integration Support


Either you are making your website for business purposes or personal purpose, pricing plays an important role. As you will have some budget to go along. So, Thrive Architect offers three packages that are

Membership License: $19/Month – Paid Annually
5 license Pack: $97/Month
Single License: $67/Month

Their one-time price is a one-time price and they will not charge you on any updates or download. Their customer support is for 1 year and it can be renewed for a small fee, but the plugin is yours forever. Even after this much benefits,  you are not satisfied with the page builder, don’t worry! they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Thrive Architect is one of the most popular page builder of WordPress that is used by many users. Its stunning features and easy to use elements have made website building a piece of cake. It helps to create some beautiful, engaging, and impressive content and layout for your website. They have removed every barrier that a non-coder or programmer faces while trying to create a website. If you are a user of Thrive Architect then nice otherwise go check out Thrive Architect and it’s outstanding features and the environment by yourself.


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