The Ultimate Comparison: Imagify Vs Shortpixel Vs Optimole

WordPress is a user-friendly platform that provides you with advanced tools to develop your site with all the plugins and stuff you need to build a good enough site for your blog or business. 
Keeping your site up to date is the main key to success i.e the traffic that you need on your website. 

From content to the image optimization; all play an important role in the google ranking or SEO searches. 
Wordpress comes with a bunch of exciting features and functionality that can easily provide optimizing power to your website. 

Nowadays, carefully analyzing the need of your customers can be a crucial point which includes more visual involvement rather than written. 

Wordpress brings you an image optimizer that will boost your website visually. But there is a lot of image optimizer in Wordpress. So, which one to choose? 

This can be a bit overwhelming to decide between:

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 Imagify vs Shortpixel vs Optimole

Let’s not worry just yet about this because we are going to have the ultimate comparison between Imagify Vs Shortpixel Vs Optimole on the basis of their key features; i.e.

  • Pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Interface

Why do you need an Image Optimizer?

If you are a freak and can’t take in the fact that the quality of images that you upload gets worse every passing minute. 

In this era of technology, users or people are more attracted to visual content rather than written ones because visual content can improve the looks of your website. 

You can also show off your products and work in a more creative way through images. The more images you have on your website, the more engagement of users you will feel. 

Images are naturally the way to attract an audience on your platform, as people usually don’t like reading stuff. 

So providing your viewers with better stuff, brings you more traffic than usual. 

But images can be a bit large and takes large spaces other than that the more image content you add on your website, the performance of your website can decrease that’s why image optimizer is the best choice to use. 

Doesn’t matter if your images are too small or large. Optimizers get it covered for you. 

When you use image optimizer on your website, it reduces the size, takes less space and maintains the image quality. 

Therefore, we are having a showdown on the different image optimizer to get a better picture of what this image optimizer has to offer.

The Ultimate Comparison Table

We are going to compare each on the basis of key features that it offers, amazing pricing packages, ease of use, incredible performances, user-friendly interfaces

The comparison between these three optimizers is based on speed, adaptability, etc.  

These plugins allow you to optimize your images as per your requirement very easily, with all the customization; which means you don’t have to go for any other way to find solutions. 

So, let’s dive in. Before we put out the detailed features, here’s the table for your ease. 

Free image optimization (Per Month)Approx. 2501001GB (approx 1000)
Free PlanYYY
Maximum File Size2MBNo Limit No Limit
Performance (Out of 5)454.8
Pricing$4.99 per month$4.99 per month$22.99 per month
Ratings (Out of 5)4.54.55
WordPress Version4.0.0 or higher3.2.0 or higher4.7 or higher

Round:1  Key Features 


  • Imagify speeds up your website with lighter images without losing quality. 
  • Now you don’t have to waste time on resizing your images every time you want to upload, Imagify can easily resize your images.
  • It is also compatible with WooCommerce and NextGen gallery.
  • It also provides three compression levels: 
  1. Normal: a lossless compression algorithm. The image quality wouldn’t be altered at all.
  2. Aggressive: a lossy compression algorithm. Stronger compression with a tiny loss of quality most of the time this is not even noticeable at all.
  3. Ultra: our strongest compression method using a lossy algorithm.
  • It optimizes regular images, thumbnails, and retina images from WP Retina 2x.
  • It optimizes the different formats of images like JPEG, PNG, and GIF.


  • It optimizes JPEG, PNG and GIF image format as well as PDF documents.
  • It also automatically convert PNG to JPG.
  • It doesn’t restrict any file size limit.
  • It converts JPEG, PNG, and GIF to WebP.
  • It is also compatible with WP Retina 2x-all retina images that are automatically compressed.
  • It also optimizes thumbnails as well as feature images.
  • You can use Shortpixel API on multiple websites.
  • It has a very freely light image optimization plugin that you can use without any knowledge.


  • It optimizes images for ~5000 visitors monthly in the free version.
  • It works on format-based optimization which means that if the customer is using the WebP browser then the image will be in WebP as well.
  • It works on a lossy or lossless compression algorithm.
  • It will resize your images according to the users’ device.
  • It also supports retina screens.
  • It supports smart lazy loading.
  • It also provides amazing features i.e marking watermarks on all your images and future images.
  • It loads images from Cloudfront CDN with 200+ locations.
  • It’s automated, you have to fix the settings and it remains the same till the next time you use it. 
  • Optimole offers 8 different pricing packages.

Round:2  Pricing 


It offers 2 pricing packages; Monthly and Yearly, including packages with Lite, Basic, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise, just half of which is like Netflix. 

Obviously, you are aware of it! It includes additional packages per month as per your GB requirement. Following are the pricing details:




It offers 3 pricing packages: One-time, monthly, and dedicated servers.

Moreover, they are providing discounts including bonuses, priority support, and extremely easy to use features. 

One-Time Plan

Monthly Plan

This includes 4 programs depending on your requirements, with a very satisfying option for canceling the membership anytime you want.

It includes bonuses, priority support, compression tools, no file size limits, easy to use features, and much more. 

Dedicated Servers


It offers 2 pricing packages: 

Monthly and Yearly

Optimole focus on ” Only pay for the visits you have”. If you are just starting, free plan is enough

Optimole now offer 8 different plans and you can select based on the number visits per month



Round:3  Performance 


Imagify performance can be measured through the information of ratings, support forum, last updated, and so on. 

Imagify has a 4.5-star rating that is outstanding. 

Its support forum indicates that all the issues or problems faced by the users are resolved by the developers. 

According to the image below, all the queries of the users have been answered or attended in the last two months, which shows their professional behaviour and serious commitment to the image optimizer.

Imagify has been updated 4 months ago which means the developers are improving the performance of this optimizer day by day.

In a nutshell, Imagify is a very good option in terms of performance as well because it provides technical support and keeps on improving its performance and functionality, keeping in mind the user’s need.


Short pixel performance can also be measured through ratings, support forum and so on.

Shortpixel has a 4.5-star rating that is quite impressive. 

Its support forum also appears to be quite active as it has resolved 10 out of 17 queries of the users.

Short pixel developers are still working on it that means they are improving its performance, giving their user better and better experience and making their website more presentable each day so that more customers can be attracted to it. 

The latest updates mean that it gets more features every coming day with better results for image optimization

In a nutshell, Shortpixel has an amazing performance, it is usually up-to-date with the new style to customize your images.


Performance of Optimole can be access through ratings, support forum, active users, last updated, and so on.

Ratings of Optimole is 5 star is absolutely remarkable. 

If we look at the support forum of Optimole, it has proven to be quite worthy of the 5 stars as it has solved or attended all the issues that their users were facing. 

Quantitatively, it has resolved 14 out of 22 queries in the last two months.

Optimole developers are very involved with their product as their latest update was 6 days ago which means they are very actively trying to improve its performance, features, and functionality of the image optimizer.

In a nutshell, Shortpixel is quite a fine choice for image optimizer.

These days image optimizers are a blessing because of their unique capability to beautify your website. 

Each image optimizer mentioned above is great in its own way. Now you need to check them out and see for yourself what a beauty they are. 

Images with the best view and sizes or even the colours make a big difference, so make sure you choose the correct tool for your images that you are featuring on your website. 

You can use either Imagify or Shortpixel or Optimole whichever suits your customer needs and your website need the best. In the end, 

Imagify has its own easy to use and well-documented API that enables you to use all the power in your application. 

ShortPixel improves website performance by reducing the image size so that your site is free of extra stuff that’s holding up or lagging your site every time it’s loading.

Optimole is then the all in one solution that you don’t have to go anywhere else your problems with the feature of full automation and a range that varies in features like cleaning up heavy images and making your site less stuffy. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Start attracting customers and enhance your website with these mesmerizing image optimizers. 


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    ~ 5,000 Visits Monthly
    – Auto Scaled Images
    – Smart Lazy-Loading
    – Cloudfront CDN (200+ locations)
    – Unmetered Bandwidth​
    – 48h Email support

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