Top Stock Photos Sites in 2020

Using images for your site with a high density and best quality is one of the foremost priorities we all have as bloggers. 

We all take our very first baby steps and use google as the main platform. 

But where do others get the best stock photos to use on their blogs?

Do they create themselves? 

Have they hired photographers to get those perfect aesthetic shots? 

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Been there, seen that & done that! 

It’s not a secret anymore how bloggers get those images to use for their blogs. 

That’s where stock photos sites come to the rescue.

To divert the audience on your site you need to ascend in the right dimensions. 

Don’t use what’s out there on Google for free, because half of the population has already seen that and it’s not going to do any good to you. 

What are Stock Photos? 

Stock Photos are selling out products for the public to use with commercial rights.

Simply put; a stock photo is a piece of photography that you buy which gives you full administration of using it anywhere you like. 

Owning a piece of photography is what Stock Photos are about. 

Why do you use Stock Photos?

Yet again, Instead of using what’s already on the internet it’s wiser to use what the audience hasn’t seen yet. 

The stock photos you buy from Stock Photos sites are high in quality with perfect dimensions that you need. 

Which sites provide the best Stock Photos?

There are hundreds of stock photos sites on the internet.

All you need to do is surf a bit to analyze which one suits you the best. Economically and persuasively, both. 

Either you buy the stock photos, or get the free stock photos. 

According to our research and google rankings, the top 10 Stock Photos sites would be in this order: 

1. SnapyBiz 

When you are looking for some economic royalty-free images, that are pocket-friendly too, SnapyBiz is your first choice moreover when you are a blogger! 

Their royalty-free images cost as less as 0.99$ to 3.99$. 

Way too cheap? We know right! 

2. Unsplash

If you are looking for a free stock photos site, the Unsplash should be your first choice as per our recommendation and research.

Unsplash provides unique stock photos.

Unsplash is the first go-to site for us to get the best stock photos, that too for free. Don’t worry about quality. It’s top-notch. 

3. Pixabay

Do you know how huge is 1.5 Million? 

Pixabay has around a million or more stock photos on their site for you to use.

Not just photos but videos that you can use for free or buy for use on your site. 

4. Shutterstock

Sorry about panicking about 1.5M but here’s Shutterstock with more than (200M) Two Hundred Million stock photos. 

You get images, videos as well as music on Shutterstock that too royalty-free

To be more convenient, Shutterstock has its own application. 

I don’t know if there’s something more huge than this. 

5. Getty Images

If you are pro at Pinterest, You’ll love it here at Gettyimages. 

Gettyimages has the features for boards as of Pinterest. 

It is one of the best, Paid stock photos sites that provide royalty-free images, clips, music and more.  

6. Pixistock 

Women run the world!? Yes, they do. 

The Pixistock founder is a woman and its well said that women have a keen eye for pleasing stuff so does her site. 

Pixistock is an amazing stock photos site for women. From beautiful and gorgeous photos to gorgeous illustrations, you’ll find it all here. 

7. Canva

I doubt if anyone around is unaware that canva exists! 

Canva is just not an illustrating site for graphic designing to create posts, covers, and everything possible. 

Canva is a great source of amazing stock photos. 

Free as well as paid. But none of them cost more than one cannot afford. 

8. iStockPhoto

Another amazing stock site that provides you the option of subscription.

If you are looking for a flexible site that stays within your budget then iStockphoto is the best option. 

If you are aware of the Gettyimages then you’ll find it very familiar.

  1. StockSnap

When sites have lots of stuff, the process usually is slow or too detailed.

Stocksnap is known for how smoothly it works. 

You can see what’s trending which is one of the best features. You’ll know what’s in demand and what you should go for. 

9. Freeimages

Just as it sounds, Freeimages is an amazing platform for everyone to get free stock images to use.

They have an option of more than 300,000 free stock images for you to choose from. 

Download them directly from their site and utilize them however you prefer. 

With these top 10 stock photos sites for you, these are for you to save time and be of utility. 

But of course, some of us prefer to grab cameras and go wander, which definitely nobody can deny. 


  1. Can I use stock photos on multiple sites?

    ans: Once you’ve purchased an image, it’s on you how and where you want to use it, multiple times.
  2. How can I purchase stock photos?

    ans: Every site has its own payment method, some allow card stripes, while some PayPal.
  3. How do I unsubscribe?

    ans: Before your monthly subscription date approaches, cancel your subscription for not being charged for the next month and unsubscribe.
  4. Can the stock photos be refunded? 

    ans: Digital products once sold, cannot be refunded. 

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