How To Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website -For Beginners

How To Add Custom CSS To Your WordPress Website -For Beginners

Sometimes the theme you choose for your WordPress website is not enough to make it look attractive or attract the viewers. There is also a possibility that you choose a page builder plugin to build your custom design for your website but that plugin could not deal with the design or feature you want to add in your site.

It can be just a button, or a complete template that you wish to add in your website. You could see so many options available and plugins that could help you but it might cause some overhead too to load your site.

In this case, the best option to opt is adding custom CSS to your website to make it look better and create a design that you wish.

Point to Remember

You need to remember that adding custom CSS to your parent theme is risky because if you update it, it will overwrite your custom changes and all your hardwork will be washed off.

It is better to use child theme for your website if you need to make changes and the look and feel of your WordPress website. However, being a beginner you can start with a parent theme and install a plugin to add custom CSS.

Methods to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Website

You can add CSS in your website using the following ways

  • Adding CSS to your theme’s editor.
  • Use a plugin

Adding CSS to Your Theme’s Editor

The most simplest way is to add the custom CSS code to your theme’s editor. To do this, go to Appearance and click on editor

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On clicking, you will be redirected to the theme’s style.css file where you can add the code. However, you can also add the CSS and see the spontaneous changes by clicking on the Customize button in the Appearance submenu.You will be redirected to the page where all your changes will be displayed simultaneously.

Activate Theme
CSS Code

Adding Custom CSS using a Plugin

You can add custom CSS using a plugin too because there are some themes that do not facilitate this feature of adding custom CSS. In that case, you might need a plugin to do the job.

There are plugins that are paid such as CSS Hero which is great for custom CSS. You can simply customize anything you want through this amazing plugin. But if you are a newbie and do not want to pay for a plugin, you can install a free plugin from your dashboard or download it from

Here, we are using a free plugin since we assume that the reader is a beginner, so we recommend to use the free resources at the beginning.

The plugin that we are using here is Simple Custom CSS. You can install it from Plugin button in your dashboard . Click on Add New and type the name of the plugin. It will appear. Simply install and activate the plugin.

Simple Custom CSS - Install Now
Enter your CSS

That is all you need to do. Now you can add your desired colors and design to your WordPress website. We hope this article helped you understand the method. To learn more, visit

how to add customer css - wordpress
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