Pinterest Strategies To Generate Traffic

Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is one of the most used social applications/websites. A lot of bloggers, high school students and women are using it with extensive interest in creating boards and sharing images.

What is Pinterest Used for?

  • Personal
  • Business

Did you know that before? Pinterest is one of the largest search engines next to GOOGLE? Woah!!! 

According to research, there are over 250 million active users on Pinterest. Out of which there are a lot of bloggers and business owners using it as a marketing tool to market their products or services. Isn’t it amazing??

So, if you are a blogger or a business owner who wants to know how to generate traffic on your site using Pinterest then you are on the right article.

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But hold on, this needs a lot of patience and hard work!!!!!!!

Today, we are going to discuss some strategies on how to increase traffic on your site and gain profits as well.

So, here we go …

How to convert your Pinterest account to Business account?

The first step is to create a business account and after completing all the required information then you can start using your newly created business account.

What kind of a name should you choose for Pinterest?
Simple & Classy.

While completing the account creation process, remember that you have to choose a unique name that can be remembered by a lot of your followers so that they may search you easily and is SEO friendly as well.

Along with this, your user name should reflect your business that what your account is basically going to share with its viewers.

What should be the names of the Pinterest boards?

What mostly we do is we create boards with the wrong description like “My first blog”, “Best Blog Of Month” as you can see these description doesn’t indicate what exactly your pin is about.

That’s why I always go with descriptive names like, “How to start a blog”, “How to choose the best WordPress hosting” etc.

In this way, you are letting your viewers know what your pin is all about.

What is the size of Pinterest images?

The images which you are going to upload on your Pinterest account should be the optimal size for Pinterest.

Because a lot of business owners have noticed that long images work better in getting clicks!

And if your image quality is not good then your viewers are simply going to check other accounts without even reading what was there on your image.

Remember people!! The first expression always matters!!!!

Your images should be of minimum 600-735 pixels wide. 

Work smartly avoid spamming:

Working smartly is very important if you want traffic on your site using genuine methods. By spamming I mean, don’t be self-obsessed pinning your own posts all the time.

Instead, try pinning someone else work don’t be afraid sharing others wouldn’t shift your visitors to them.

In fact, others will do the same and in this way, you get more visitors on your site and more exposure.

Remember people!! Scaling up is not a bad option!

It should be balanced 50% pinned from yours and the other 50% from someone else.

Simple rule? no?

Believe me, this spamming practice would offend your visitors!

How to pin on Pinterest?
On a regular basis.

Pinning on a regular basis means you have to post images daily to grab more audience and more exposure.

Schedule images for every day, Viralwoot is an option that may help in doing it.

Sometimes I wonder, this application has really made our life so easy!!

Verify your website URL:

Verification of your website URL is very important if you want your account to look like an actual business account.

Because there are a lot of fake/fraud accounts and people are afraid following or ordering anything from that.

To build a good relationship with your customers and build their trust is very important, for that to make your account look official VERIFY YOUR WEBSITE URL.

Otherwise, apart from marketing, you have to invest a lot of time building up trust!!

What kind of a bio should you have on Pinterest?

You should add a bio in your account which is simple and in few words elaborating what exactly your account rotates around.


How to gain organic traffic on Pinterest?
Create offers.

If you are new to the market it’s very important to gain customer trust and attention as there are already a lot of big fish in the market eating the new small fish.

Create offers like free delivery or anything complimentary with every order or 25% off for first 10 customers.

This will boost up your sales as well as your customers.

Create a theme that goes with all of your boards:

Create a theme which goes with all of your board. This will give a nice visual to your account as all of the boards will be on the same theme.

As you can see “urban outfitters decor “did they are following gold with the baby pink theme in almost all of their boards.

Create board titles SEO friendly:

You know about SEO right? “Search engine optimization”.

What I mean is to create board’s titles that are SEO friendly instead of creating titles that are wordy and cannot be easily detected by SEO.

Because personally when I am in a hurry I always search images on Pinterest using some keywords.

And if your image is what that person requires but your title is wordy then SEO will not select your board.

See that’s the drawback of wordy board titles….

I just searched using the word “ Fairy lights” and SEO showed me all the pins that have keyword fairy lights in it.

Always look at your analytics:

Always have a check on your analytics and see which post is driving more customer’s attention.

After that make a guide or ebook directly related to that product.

From analytics, you will also learn what type of content your viewers like more and then you may further follow the same path.

How to use Rich Pins?

Do you know about rich pins? 

Rich pins provide more context about an idea as they show extra information directly on the pin.

There are majorly four types of pins:

  • Recipe pin
  • App pin
  • Product pin
  • Article pin

       They include the name of your website in bold, a more better description of your website.

Want to see how rich pin really look? They are pins, that helps you elaborate your core topic in a more better and expressive way!

How to get more followers or subscribers? Hold a contest or giveaways.

A lot of bloggers do giveaways to generate traffic from on their sites.

What they simply do is ask their participants to:

  1. Follow your account if not.
  2. Ask your 3-4 friends to follow your account “ A very nice tactic to increase your followers”
  3. Pin your image on your accounts with our hashtags

And then with random name picker choose a winner and send them free goodies.

In this way, you are also following word of mouth, as your followers will ask their friends to follow your account and ask their friends to do the same.

You are generating traffic as well as promoting it.

Share multiple products on a single pin:

Instead of just posting about one product in a pin share about multiple products that fall in the same product line.

This is called smart marketing utilizing a single pin in promoting multiple products.

This will increase your sales and traffic both at the same time as your viewers will see multiple products instead of just one.

This will increase their interest in your pins as well.

Be super responsive:

If you are running a business account it’s really important that you should be super responsive to the queries of your followers.

This will put a positive image in the mind of your followers about you as customer care is always very important.

Free coupons or food codes:

As soon as your business account would be known a lot of brands are going to offer your free coupons and codes to avail discounts.

What you have to do is give those coupons and discount codes to your followers asking them to pin your every new image on a regular basis.

Give feedback about the brand you use:

If your account is about health and care or any other domain always give a review on every product you think is related to your account in this way you will market the product of that brand.

You can gain profit from that brand as you are marketing their products through your pins and secondly you will generate traffic on your site.

And most small business prefers bloggers to market their product as it would cost them less “Gorilla marketing”.

Value your followers and their greetings:

In the start of your business account obviously, you will not have enough traffic but as soon as you start generating traffic post every single message or greeting your followers leaves for you.

Post every single message in a pin in this way you are showing how much you value your followers!

Discussion about trending topic:

Apart from your core topic, you should post at least one pin about your reviews on the trending topic.

Your followers are following you and they really want to know about your reviews on the trending topics. SSsHhhh“ That’s a secret btw”.

So keep an eye on the trending topics/issues as well.

Join other active groups:

For a newcomer, it’s really important to join other active boards and group.

As its a step of marketing that you should have a supporting group that helps you in promoting your pins/product.

So join the groups that are super active and in this way their followers will also know about you and will follow you.

Link your Pinterest with your all other social accounts:

Obviously, if you are new on Pinterest you must have Instagram, twitter and facebook accounts.

Always share the link of your new Pinterest account on your other accounts to let your previous followers know about your Pinterest account.

In this way, you are generating traffic using your own previous accounts.


I hope this article will help you to generate profits from your Pinterest account and also traffic.

Have discussed 15+ ways, I hope these ways will help you in generating traffic and grabbing the maximum audience.

Good luck guys! 😉 

How to gain traffic on Pinterest
Pin It!!

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