Beaver Builder Review – Best WordPress Page Builder or Not?

Beaver Builder Review – Best WordPress Page Builder or Not?

You are bored with the traditional WordPress editor that is plain and simple? Well don’t lose hope there is a couple of page builder that will beautify your website with just a click of your button and one of them is Beaver Builder. But Why Beaver Builder? So, Let’s explore different aspects of Beaver Builder to figure out if it’s the best page builder for you or not 

Beaver builder is a powerful page builder that creates some unique, stunning, and decent website by just dragging the elements to the screens without any tension or stress about the actual coding.

We will review the Beaver Builder on the basis of

  • The pricing packages it offers
  • What unique features it has
  • What mesmerizing template it provides
  • It’s a popular demo option

So, let’s get started

Pricing Packages Of Beaver Builder

For every person, price or budget is the main part of their business. Even if you are not operating an E-Commerce website, you still need to figure out what’s the most suitable and reasonable package you can afford or what are the needs of your customers that your website can fulfil and here come the packages that will help you achieve it.

1- Agency – $399

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 year
  • Premium Modules & Template
  • Beaver Builder Theme
  • Multisite Network Settings
  • White Labelling

2- Pro – $199

3- Standard – $99

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Page Builder Plugin
  • World-Class Support for 1 year
  • Premium Modules & Template

The three packages that the Beaver Builder offers are best in their own ways depending on your needs.

Features Of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder offers different features depending on the packages that you have bought. So, let’s discuss that according.

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1- All Packages

Beaver builder has a couple of magic features hidden under it’s sleeves that includes front end editing, mobile friendly, translation ready, woo-commerce support, works with almost any theme, shortcode and widget support, developer friendly, supports post, pages, and custom post types, handoff sites to clients with editor mode, tuned & optimized for SEO, resusable templates, import/export, save and reuse rows & Modules, and multisite capable.

Beaver Builder packages also include a lot of modules and feature some of which are a photo, video, text editor, sidebar, separator, accordion, map, icon group, icons, button, photo carousel, post slider, pricing tables, slideshow, content slider, contact form, social buttons, and many more.

Beaver Builder provides customer care & services to all its users. No matter in which country or region you are located their services is available to you without any hassle.

2- Agency Package

Users that have Agency package enjoys some additional features that Beaver Builder offers that includes white labelling, network-wide settings, DIY web publishing platform, and override core templates. For betting understanding, we will discuss it a bit further 

White Labelling

White labelling is a feature that lets you replace their logo, content, and images with your own logo, content, and images. It gives you the feel how it will look on the website before you place your own material and save your time.

Network-Wide Settings

If you own more than one site than the trouble you’re changing your settings to each site can be a bit problematic and irritating but say goodbye to that as Beaver Builder allows you to change your settings once with the help of a super admin which override them on a site-by-site basis.

DIY Web Publishing Platform

All page builder gives you access to design and customize your website but how about if someone wants to upload theirs resume or create their on your website portfolio. Well, Beaver Builder also provides Do It Yourself Web publishing platform for better user interactions.

Override Core Template

Beaver Builder has some stunning templates that can be used and utilized according to your need but for instance, you decided to make some modifications to it than that option is also available which can be very beneficial.

3- Pro & Agency Packages

Beaver Builder offers some powerful yet simple features to handle in its pro and agency package.

Template Of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder has a collection of many stunning templates. Whether you are a food website, clothing website, shoe website, automobile parts website Beaver Builder has got your back. 

Beaver Builder provides landing pages templates for all kinds of website 

Beaver Builder also provides content page templates for your website.

Demo Option Of Beaver Builder

One of the greatest things that a newbie can extract from Beaver Builder is its demo option that lets you experience the actual environment that the Beaver Builder offers in WordPress free.

Beaver Builder gives you the full experience by letting you explore page builder demo, theme customizer demo, and themer demo. Let’s go and have fun with all these.

Page Builder Demo

If you are new to page builder demo, it will guide you through all the basics plus we will also follow this together so that we can cover this ground for better understanding. Page builder demo will have a dummy page ready for you. So, let’s dive in.

In order to edit the content of the page, you will have to navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and press the ‘+’ button.

You can choose from a variety of different and stunning templates for your website or stick to the current or default one.

You can also add multiple columns and rows according to your desire.

If you want to edit some of the elements of the page, navigate to the modules and select different elements according to your website needs either it is a text, image, video, audio, and many more.

You can also bypass all this and simply double click on the content and start editing.

Last but not least, you can publish or save your template.

Theme Customizer Demo

Theme Customizer offers a similar interface like the WordPress. You will customize the page header settings, some general settings, different content settings, footer settings, widgets settings, code settings, and menu settings. Each has multiple settings to better customize your page. You can access multiple views like mobile view, tablet view, and desktop view by navigating to the bottom-left corner of the screen. 

It also gives you control over the options by hiding it and giving you more space to work with. After all the changes, you can simply publish your changes to the website.

Themer Demo

Just like WordPress you have your own dashboard, view pages, edit pages, edit different templates, add a new post, edit the posts, publish your work, change the appearances, have different settings, change users settings, and many more 

In a nutshell, you get all this functionality for free and online which is awesome if you want to try it first before actually purchasing it but bear in mind, they clean their free demo almost every day. Still, it is an amazing way to get familiar with Beaver Builder and all the functionality and features it offers in order for you to create a stunning website.


Beaver Builder is one of the most popular page builders of WordPress as we already discussed in the above blog. It offers some amazing templates, easy to use interface, reasonable pricing and much more. Don’t take my word for it. Go check out! Beaver Builder free demo on their website and decide if this is the page builder plugin you are looking for. 


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