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WordPress is one of the most famous and widely used Content Management System which provides us with a variety of page builders but Elementor is a name that every WordPress user is familiar with. So, let’s dive into our Elementor-Page Builder and explore the mesmerizing features and user-friendly environment that it offers.

Elementor was first launched in 2016. It has gained quite a popularity within three years of its launch and now is providing services to over 800,000 websites with a star rating of 4.8 over 707 votes at WordPress.org.
Elementor true power lies in its feature so let’s discover the powers of Elementor and see what an amazing website it is able to create.


In Essentials, there are drag and drop editor, no coding, widgets, mobile editing, template library, translation ready, video tutorials and 24/7 support. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Drag and Drop Editor:

In Elementor, you can easily drag and drop the different elements and customize it according to your taste.

[elementor-template id="8247"]

No Coding:

The best feature of Elementor is that it can be used by those people as well that have zero coding experience.


It offers a variety of different widgets like buttons, forms etc.

Mobile Editing:

You can also create your page on mobile view to better understand the user perspective.

Template Library:

It provides us with over 300 templates to choose from that includes full flash pages, business pages, contact pages, about pages and so on.

Translation Ready:

English is not the only language it offers but a variety of languages and the list is still growing so that every user can enjoy its benefits no matter the language or caste it belongs.

Video Tutorials:

Their educator instructor have prepared a series of videos to guide their users with each and every step.

8-24/7 Support: It provides 24/7 support services.


In order to enhance your workflow, Elementor provides inline editing, navigator, finder, hotkeys, shortcut cheats, redo undo, auto save, revision history, draft mode, copy paste, copy style, global colors and typography, global widgets(pro) and custom color picker. For better understanding, let’s discuss a few 

Redo Undo:

you can simply undo a mistake or redo by pressing a button.

Auto save:

Now you don’t need to worry because all your work will be automatically saved. You can work continuously without any stress of saving it again and again.

Copy Paste:

You can easily copy an element from one section and paste it to another or create a duplicate of an element.

Global Colors & Typography:

It has a collection of colors and writing styles from all over the world.

Custom Color Picker:

You can also create your own color by simply selecting it from Elementor custom color picker.


To beautify your website, Elementor provides some amazing design features like background gradients, background videos, background overlay, enhanced background images, CSS filters, blend modes, shape divider, box shadow, one-page websites, and elementor canvas.let’s check out these a bit more.

Background Gradients:

You can easily set solid colors, high-quality pictures, and gradient as your web page or post background.

Background Videos:

Aside from this, you can also set videos like youtube videos or mp4 videos as a background.

Enhanced Background Images:

You can customize your images as well by selecting from different position and sizes that looks best.

Blend Modes:

You can also combine background and background overlay to create a spectacular blend effect.

Shape Divider:

You can divide your page with different shapes.

Elementor Canvas:

You can design your entire page in Elementor canvas without any worry about the header and footer.


Elementor does not stop on designing it also provides some perks on marketing feature which are landing pages, form widgets, testimonial carousel widget, countdown widget, rating star widget, action links, and popup builders. If Elementor is not stopping here then why should we so let’s dive in

Form Widget:

Now you can create your form in front of your eyes with all the details you want.

Testimonial Carousel Widget:

You can also add a rotating image gallery to better display your items, team members and so on.

Rating Star Widget: .

You can also add a rating bar on your web page for engagement with your customers

Action Links:

It connects you with your customers by adding Whatsapp, Facebook links.

Pop-Up Builders:

What’s a website without some pop-ups! Therefore Elementor also provides a pop-up builder that you can customize easily.


In typography, it offers the following options

Easy to customize, title HTML tag, font preview, custom fonts, google fonts, font size, Typekit integration, drop cap and text shadow. 

Easy to Customize:

You can play with the font family, styles, sizes and so on.

Font Preview:

A preview of the different fonts are also available to find out what will go with your post.

Google Fonts:

Google provides with a set of collection of different fonts that Elementor has included in it.

Font Size:

You can prepare a better responsive website by selecting the correct font size like EM, PX, and REM.

Drop Cap:

You can also make the first letter of your post larger with drop cap feature.


Elementor provides different features to maintain your layout as well that are section width, section height, full width, nested columns, column width, column gap, content position, margin & padding, and z-index. 

Section Width:

You can have more control over the website by customizing the width of each section by this feature.

Section Height:

You can also change each section height.

Column Width:

You can also change your column width by simply dragging the corner points of the section.

Column Gap:

You can distance your column according to your own design specifications.

Margin & Padding:

You can provide margin and padding to your sections and column.

Theme Builder

Designing and creating a website can be a bit of work of thinking and brainstorming through each idea but now with Elementor it provides you with different theme options and your website will look stunning. So the theme builder includes theme elements, dynamic content, display conditions, header and footer, sticky header, 404 pages, archive page, single post, search results page, and custom field integration. Let’s discuss a few 

Header & Footer:

You can easily design the header and footer of your website without any knowledge of coding.

404 Page:

You can create your own 404 pages and redirect the customer to that page.

Search Result Page:

You can customize your search result and improve the experience of the users.


In Elementor, you can design different kinds of forms like contact forms, subscription forms, and login forms. Beside this, it also provides confirmation email, email HTML/plain, custom messages, advanced form fields, hidden fields, acceptance field, and honey pot.

Contact Form:

You can design your contact form through which your customers can easily contact you.

Subscription Form:

You can also add a subscription form so that customers can subscribe to your newsletter or services.

Login Forms:

You can have a login form on your website for easy access to your website.

Social Media

Elementor also includes share buttons, blockquote, social icons widgets, facebook embed, facebook page, facebook comments and facebook button.

Share Button:

You can have a share button on the website to share the content to a different social media platform.


You can share your best lines or quotes on Twitter or different platforms by using the blockquote box.

Facebook Page:

You can also increase followers and likes on your website by having your Facebook page inside your website. You can also include Facebook comments and buttons for better user experience.


Besides providing the basic features to it’s users also provides some additional or advance features that include maintenance mode, developer API, custom CSS, version control, replace URL, regenerate CSS, HTML widgets, HTML tag, image size, role manager, RTL manager, request parameters, custom attributes, and safe mode.


 Getting Started

We have explored all the features that Elementor offers but let’s try some of them to actually know how it works and how easily anyone can become a user of Elementor.


In order to start using Elementor, you have to first install it by simply navigating to the plugins in the side menu and press ‘Add New’. There will be a search bar on the right side where you can type ‘Elementor’ and the first result will be Elementor. From there you can easily install and activate it. 

Create A Page With Elementor:

After activating Elementor, you can navigate to the pages menu on the sidebar and click ‘New Page’ and give the title and publish your changes. On the top, you will notice ‘Edit with Elementor’, press that and you will enter into the Elementoreditor

Welcome to Elementor Editor:

Now you have reached inside the Elementor Editor.

You can add content in your web pages by either importing template or by creating each section yourself. Let’s first explore the option in which you can create each section yourself

You have selected the pink option with a plus in between and a pop up will appear that will ask you how would like to divide your page like this. You can select as your liking.

When you select a divider on the sidebar you will have different categories of the widget to choose from like buttons, text and so on.

Now by selecting the template option, you have a screen like this.

In this, you will have three options: Blocks, Pages, My Template

In Pages: you will have entire pages ready for use. You will just have to customize it according to the website you are developing.

In Blocks: you have a collection of different blocks of text and buttons that you can add in your website.

In My Template: You can import various template or block or section of a template from different sites.

Aside from this, you can import template, save and sync library

Different Mode:

You can select different modes by selecting an option of modes located at the bottom of the sidebar. You can develop your website in different modes like desktop mode, tablet mode, mobile mode. 

Desktop mode:

Tablet Mode:

Mobile Mode:

This is some of the basics of Elementor to get you started with Elementor.

 Video Tutorials

Elementor has its own youtube channel where you can access thousands of videos and explore so many functionalities that Elementor offers. Professional educators have made each step much easier by explaining each and every step along the way. Now, you can just plug in your earphones or headphones and start learning Elementor


Elementor has got everything covered if you are not a video person you can check out the documentation of Elementor that begins from getting started and goes through all the features, widgets and pricing.  


Nowadays, people want good and quality items to work with andElementor has made this dream into reality by providing amazing pricing packages with a 30-day money back guarantee.

It offers 3 packages.

 Personal: $49/year – 1 Website
Business: $99/year – 3 Websites
Unlimited: $199/year – Unlimited Websites

Payment Method:

Elementor accepts payment in Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

It also provides a Free version which offers the following benefits as compared to the pro versions.


WordPress has many page builder but Elementor is one of the most used ones. It offers the whole package that includes some amazing features, affordable pricing and all the necessary materials to start your website. Still not satisfied? So why not install Elementor today and explore it’s mesmerizing page builder quality yourself.


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  • Beth Elkassih

    Umair, This is a great article on Elementor. I love the user-friendliness of working it. With each new blog posting, I try and implement one of their great options. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rebecca Lake

    Elementor is amazing! I absolutely love it. I haven’t used it that much yet to build new landing pages because I just haven’t had time but I’m definitely looking forward to exploring more of its features.

  • Kate Murray

    I have never used Elementor, thank you for the thorough explanations! I will have to look into it for the future!

  • Arfa Nazeer

    Hi Umair,

    I really like how you’ve explained each and every feature of Elementor. I remember when you recommended Elementor for my site! It’s such a great tool to design pages. And, the pro version is totally worth buying. The pre-made templates and blocks make designing so simple for non-tech bloggers.

    Great job!


  • I really love all the options of using Elementor. I actually upgraded to the pro version a couple of weeks ago and I love all of the options that I can get from it. This is a great tutorial on getting started!

  • Donna | The Upward Blip

    I used Elementor when I built my contact page. It sure was so user-friendly. I created a really enticing contact page by just a few clicks of a button. This article is absolutely introducing me to more of Elementor’s other features. Thank you!

  • Wow! You have provided so much detail in this post! Listing and explaining each of the essentials and other options for Elementor makes this a super useful tool to learn Elementor. One of the things I like best is the freemium model – many small businesses owners are on very tight budgets and cannot afford an expensive page builder to start out.

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