8 Best Email Marketing Services

Are you planning for selling your products at your own blog? Do you want to promote associated products for your readers? Or you want to create some extra stream in website traffic? If your answer is yes for one of those questions it means you should begin crating the email list right now. Since, promoting the products via an email list has been found one them. According to famous saying that, email is found to be one of the best and main communication approach in which people are able to reach out the people and keep informed about their favorite blogs and even websites.

In fact, Gmail itself currently is having more than 1 Billion users with more than 90 million active users in a month. Here it is, how you would be taking benefits from emails for promoting your products and the blog posts? It’s really simple, you can always use email marketing software.

In this context, we’ll inform you about some of better email marketing software which you can always use to create the email list and can also high light the better options for starting and progressive users.

Let’s we have a look on it.

About e-Mail Marketing Services

The email marketing service provides a platform which permits you to compile emails of the website visitors (which may also called as subscribers) and also makes lists of subscribers so that to send the email activities for the promotions and updates too. Such services come up with a price. But and then again, you will have the access to easily incorporate email opt-in forms within your website, gather and handle subscribers, send the email activities, make automated emails, tracking of email open rates with a clicks, and so many more. The most appreciating part is this that you can manage all of these tasks and much more all by even yourself, regardless the support of any expert or any skilled marketer. The services which we’re have shown you are more convenient to use.

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Who can Use the services?

Now a day, everybody from bloggers to a smaller business, online systems, startups, and so many other categories of websites are using email marketing services for creating email lists and to continue promotional campaigns. However, It is not a matter that if you’re beginning a niche blog or working on a business blog for any company, if you have an email list you will definitely be coming in handy, it doesn’t matter that which type of website you are having.

Services You Can Have With an Email Marketing

You can have email marketing service from which you can do so many things like launching a product, selling associate products, join with your audience, run the polls, carry out the surveys, and even have experiment with all of your subscribers.

Following are the most important activities that you can do using an email marketing service:-

  • Creating an Email List
  • gathering the Emails of the visitors of your Website
  • Design Attractive Emails
  • Starting the Newsletter
  • Making Auto prompt responders And also Email Courses
  • A/B Test Emails is provided to make best Email Campaigns

8 Most Famous Email Marketing Services

There are so many email marketing services that are available these days with a different specification. However, there are only very few of them handles to create a repute to be called as the best. We have summarized it to the following eight great services:

  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • ConvertKit
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip


All of these services in this list contain unique specification which let them stand out from the all of the others. Definitely, It will be quite challenging for you to choose one for the project.

that is why it is said that you should be very much careful while choosing the  email marketing service since  once you begin by means of an email marketing service, you will find it difficult to switch to a another service.

Practical Implementation

To support you deciding the correct decision, we have signed up from every email marketing service from the list and examine the features to verify if it works smoothly as they are claiming for it. Let’s go through it.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is found to be one amongst the largest and the fastest rising email marketing service throughout the world. It is found to be the more convenient to use and user friendly email marketing service. You can conveniently handle the email lists, email contacts and email templates. Each of the account provides you an easy access to track and report, built-in social media tools for sharing, with an image library with 1GB storage in your files.

Constant Contact provides different support with the live chats, community help, and a massive library for resources. They are also offering online training and live seminars as well as in the neighborhood. This permits small business to rapidly learn the fundamentals of email marketing and begin to use it like a professional. For all of the reasons mentioned above, we have rated Constant Contact as the better email marketing service for the small businesses. Constant Contact provides a 60 day free trial version (for which no credit-card is required). After this their prices are started minimal as $20 per month.


AWeber is found to be one of the more famous email marketing service providers throughout the world. They are providing a vast range of tools that are required for small and lower size of businesses to handle the email marketing. Start using with AWeber is more convenient. It joins seamlessly to many platforms containing WordPress. For further instructions, check out our definitive guideline that how you can connect with AWeber to the WordPress.

You actually get access to be ready for using email templates, list handling, auto prompt responders, and also tracking the email with detailed perceptions. Helping options contains live conversation, phone support and email support. A library is available for tutorials. AWeber deals with 30 days free of cost trial. After this, their prices started with minimal as $19 per month.


ConvertKit is found to be a strong email marketing platform that is available for qualified bloggers, writers, and dealers. It is really convenient to be used and extremely powerful. ConvertKit permits you to conveniently provide contented upgrades and facilities with easy email signup forms.

It also gives opportunity to easily manage auto-responders permitting you to send the drip emails. With this ConvertKit, you can conveniently divide contacts for those who are actually interested and also those who have been already purchased it. This is a good opportunity for marketing automation. It provides support on basis of email based support and is having wide awareness with countless learning material. Price for ConvertKit deal starts from $29 per month with 30 days reimbursement policy.


GetResponse is a vastly famous email marketing option. It is very easy to be used and streamlines email marketing for the small businesses and also the beginners.

It contains some remarkable promotion automated tools that permits you to make smart and automated activities. Using drag and drop builder, it is easy for you to create campaigns, divided contacts, and also send the content designs for particular groups. Such tools help you out making effective campaigns to promote your profits. GetResponse contains attractive responsive forms; landing the pages, A/B testing, provide tracking, and also auto responders.

It also deals with the third party leading software likewise OptinMonster, Google Docs, ZenDesk and so on. Support is being provided by calling, live conversation, and email. Their support department is filled with free learning material that includes videos, web seminars, how-tos, guides and so on. Price for GetResponse deal starts from $15 per month with 30 days reimbursement policy.


MailChimp is found to be one of the more famous email marketing service providers. They provide a very convenient way to use the interface with unlimited tools and great support. It incorporates attractively with WordPress, Shopify, and so many platforms. If you use WordPress, then find our vital guide to use MailChimp and WordPress for the detail directions. MailChimp also contains easy email maker, merge the tags, autoresponders, dividing the contacts within the groups, and easy tracking with analytics.

It also permits you to customize delivery times on the basis of the user’s timezones and set divide on the basis of geolocation. Help is provided by email, live conversation, and a massive awareness-based with videos, and tutorials. MailChimp provides a continually free of cost plan that permits you to send 12,000 emails for almost 2,000 subscribers. Their rewarded deals start from $10 per month.

Since they are free of cost plan, we are rating the MailChimp as the best email marketing software.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is also famous email marketing solution. It provides everything which you would require to run a successive campaign and also some more, has an attractive drag and drop email creator. Permits you for using skillfully design email templates and assigns them to your own.

They are also providing a drag and drop dividing tool to make unlike campaigns for dissimilar contacts on basis of based behavior and activities. You can also customize every message by using the customer data. This creates your emails more secure and also gives more and better results. Since they are easy to be used A/B testing, customization, and social sharing of tools.

Customer support is also available for 24/7 through emails and help forums. Premier customers may also have access for phone support. They have more general documentation that is step-by-step to support you to understand start and also fix the things at your own. Campaign Monitor’s deals start the price from $9 per month.


ActiveCampaign gathers your email marketing, with CRM and the sales. It includes all of the tools that you require to create smoother email marketing activities.

ActiveCampaign contains attractive email template editor and user friendly signup forms. It permits you to divide contacts on basis of their actions, place, performance, and social data. May also raise extra data belonging to your contacts by using only email address. Incorporates attractively with so many third party software’s containing WordPress. You may also send SMS to your contacts for pursuing on your activities.

ActiveCampaign’s deals start from $9 per month. You may also demand a demo with partial specification for a test. Though the price of ActiveCampaign is quite high, it really totally worth the money if it all marketing automation is the same that you’re actually looking for.


Drip is also another newer email marketing service started by Leadpages back in 2010. Leadpages is actually a company which has sufficient enough experience in the leading generation and the marketing too. Hence as an outcome, they have included numerous advanced specifications in Drip, pointing advanced marketers and the users. However, it’s central selling point is its workflows, Drip may be used for create all the things from the small email courses and newsletters. By using Drip you can create multiple email lists, Automation and email broadcasting.

Drip is the email marketing service focused at experts and skilled marketers. It includes general features for making advanced email activities for more efficient buyer’s voyages and the marketing funnels.

Drip is having a special tagging option that automatically adds the tags to an email on the basis of the user actions. As an example, if the user is signed up for a web seminar using your link, then that user may be tagged for convenient management. Hence in the future you may conveniently reach such people. This platform also provides a service to the users where you can enroll the writers from Drip team for writing content for requirement of your emails.

Drip has a very convenient startup procedure. Rather than dropping you right onto the dashboard. Drip asks you first a few questions to get understand the goals for using an email list. Whether you’re new to email marketing completely, the plan of selling products and so on etc. hence Drip may be customized to fit your requirements.


Selecting a “best” service is difficult since each of the platforms directs various types of the audiences. However, if you’re about to begin and would desire an easy to understand the user interface and automation, select the AWeber. For using the A/B testing and automation, GetResponse and MailChimp are available with better specifications for the advanced users and the online dealers. MailChimp is free of cost plan and is also good if you’re about to start a small blog with minimal budget. Every platform includes a free trial (excluding ConvertKit) so feel it free to test them all yourself before finalizing a decision.

We expect that this article must have given you a good review for the best email marketing services for the business

8 Best Email Marketing Services
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