Full Guide Of Setting Up Social Pug – The Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

The Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

Nowadays, social media has been a great influence to all those that are connected through the internet, which means most of the population of the world. But merging social media on your website, in the best way possible can be a little tricky.

But no need to look anywhere because Wordpress has introduced the best social sharing plugin-Social Pug. It is lightning-fast and provides the best social sharing tools available. It’s a great way to attract traffic to your website or direct them towards your social media pages.

We will cover the full guide of setting up social pug but first, let’s discuss some of the features and pricing of Social Pug.


Following are some of the features that Social Pug offers

Pop-Up Social Media Buttons:

You can create a custom social media button and can display it whenever you feel is the right time. You can even add some related content or message in that pop-up.

[elementor-template id="8247"]

Mobile Sticky Social Media Buttons:

You can custom the social media buttons at the bottom of your mobile screen so that it will follow the users along the pages.

Social Share Counts

You can display the social share counts for each social media platform that supports them.

Click To Tweet

You can easily make a custom tweet box so that your users can tweet within your post and pages.

and many more.


Social Pug offers two pricing packages


We will explore all the features this version offers below in the Ultimate guide.


  1. Agency
    It’s for $129 and includes all pro features, unlimited sites, email support, and plugin updates.

    2.  Freelancer
    It’s for $59 which includes all the pro features but it is limited to 5 sites. Aside from this, it offers email support and plugin updates.

    3.  Blogger
    It’s for $29 which contains all the pro features but is limited to 1 site only. It also provides plugin updates and email support.

It also offers a full money-back guarantee.

Now let’s move on to the setup guide of Social Pug which will include the complete installation, exploration of the Social Pug, and customization options it offers in its free version.

The Ultimate Guide

In order to incorporate social media options in your website, Social Pug is the best choice. That’s why we are going to discuss the complete guide on Social Pug right from the beginning i.e the installation and then explore different customizing option it offers. So, let’s dive into it.


Installing Social Pug is a piece of cake. All you have to do is navigate to the ‘Plugin’ option and select the ‘Add New’ option.

Plugin Installation Add New

In the search bar, simply type ‘Social Pug’ and the first search that will appear will have Social Pug in it.

Add Plugin - upload plugin

You will have to install it and then activate it.

Now, you have successfully installed and activated Social Pug on your website and can start using it and enhance your website through its social media options.


Once the plugin is installed and activated, you will have something like this.

Social Share Tools

Social Pug will create an option on the left sidebar. Aside from this, it offers two types of social media option alignment either inline content or floating sidebar. On both of these, you will notice an active radio button and a settings option.

Furthermore, Social Pug also provides documentation for future issues that is located on the top bar of the screen.

DevPuos Docs


Since Social Pug provides two options for alignment of the social media options, on pressing the settings button you will enter into a whole new world of customization.

Configure Content Sharing Button

Which is further divided into four categories the social network settings, display settings, Button Share Count Settings, and post type display settings

In the social network settings, you can simply select any social media platform that you would like to include in the website. There is a variety of options like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and so on.

Whereas in the display settings, you can customize the button shape, button position, share text, button spacing and many more.

Display Setting

In the Button share count settings, you can keep track of the number of share and display that count on your website as well.

Buttons Share Counts

In the Post type display settings, you can select multiple options for which you want to activate this social media icons like the post, pages, and template.

Post type Display Settings

After fully customizing the settings of the social media options you can save changes and simply apply to any post or page you desire.


Social Pug is one of the most efficient plugins for social media platforms. We have experimented on the free version and it does most of the things whereas you can also try the premium version which works magic as well. All the customization it offers lets the developer have more control over the website.

Today, Social media has truly changed the society in a better way. Therefore, you need to start building your social network through Social Pug and attract more users through them. So, don’t wait up. Install the free version of Social Pug right now and start working wonders through Social Pug!  


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