Tips to make your Pins go viral

Everyone’s first goal after making an account on any social media platform is to get their pin go viral.

Making the post-viral is their ultimate goal and to achieve this they are always brainstorming to get some strategies to fulfill their goal.

So, in today’s article, I am going to discuss six ways through which you may get your post go vigorous.

But before that please keep it in mind, everything takes time to establish so don’t think that if you follow all the mentioned ways your post will go viral the next day!!

Tips Pins Go Viral

I am targeting Pinterest as a platform and will be discussing points in Pinterest context.

The moment all your strategies worked and you are notified that a lot of pinners are pinning your post that moment is magical!

First of all, Gaining traffic by sharing every single thing for boosting up your blog is a total myth! Do not go for it!!

Always be precise and post pin staying in your domain.

Let me first write down all the tips in general,

  1. Image quality and quantity
  2. Social sharing icon
  3. Repin your content
  4. Choosing the relevant board
  5. Pin regularly
  6. Affiliate products
  7. Use pin promotional strategy
  8. Add catchy titles on pin

Now, let’s start discussing them in detail:

Images (quality and quantity):

If you are choosing Pinterest as your platform to hit the market then image quality and quantity both matters a lot.

Your image size and your image quality both are equally important. The images are always very good at catching the attention of your pinners.

Colorful images with good quality help a lot in getting your post viral as the first thing the pinner will see is your image and if you failed at that you actually lose your audience!

The proper size for your image that is 2:3 ideal size. 

So, choose image carefully as on Pinterest everyone is playing through images more than content the more relevant and attractive your images are the more pinners are attracted towards you.

[elementor-template id="8247"]

Social sharing icon:

Plugins always make our life easy and if we talk about social media sharing button we have social pug plugin which is going to help you a lot in doing this.

You can have your images sized for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When anyone will share your pin it will notify you and will pull the correct image with relevant size. But the free version will not allow you to designate the image, the paid version will.

Tasty pin plugin is also there to help you out in this! The core agenda of this is to designate a specific image that should always pull whenever someone clicks on the button, in order to pin anything on your account.

Repin your content

Always repin your pin after some time period. You all must know about trend right? Some time or should I say mostly some old trends again get a life and people start socializing about them again.

You should continue reposting your pin again and again on to your boards, this practice allows you to gain charm from your pinners again.

Repinning doesn’t mean posting the same pin multiple times on the same board, what I mean is post that pin more than once on different boards but never skip this practice.

So, when you see some old trend is back or someone liked your pin a lot and now you want to boost up your market again then start reposting that pin in this way, once again your pin will start getting viral.

Never pin your content on your board just for once as I already mentioned keep on reposting your own pins!

Choosing the relevant boards:

On Pinterest another important terminology is board. If you are a regular user of Pinterest hen you must be aware of boards.

Choosing the right board means the boards that are relevant to your pins.

Let me explain it with an example. Suppose you share a beauty pin on a medical board do you think that’s a clever act? No, it’s not as you are confusing your audience. 

They will open your board, expecting that they will find beauty products related pin but when they will explore your board, the medical-related post is also there. This might be a turning point for your audience.

Always choose your board wisely relevant to your pin so that Pinterest doesn’t get perplexed as people are going to search for different images using keywords and this mix match inboard and image will confuse Pinterest!

Pin Regularly:

Another tip to make your pin go viral is to pin on a regular basis. Like if you post one or two pins in a day it’s very good but if you are posting pin after 1 or 2 weeks then get ready to face some serious issues.

This practice is actually going to give you a hard time and you will still think why my market is not growing?

Especially be extra active if it’s Christmas or some special occasion.

For example, if your board is about fashion then you should post about fashion every day following some fashion trends.

We all know that Fashion is a growing topic and if we post every new fashion style on our Pinterest account, then this might help us grabbing the audience’s attention!


Google Analytics actually helps a lot in analyzing your posts and let you know which post is the hot topic among the users.

You should always have an eye on your analytics to see what content is liked more by your audience as this will help you in understanding their mind and demands.

For example, you posted about Christmas three months back and that pin got pinned a lot because it was trendy those days.

After one year when Christmas arrives again, again use that same pin to use your old audience and furthermore grab new as well.


Keywords are very important on Pinterest as people are going to search your pin using keywords and if you use some complex words in your pin then sorry Pinterest will obviously not detect tour pin.

Use common and trending words in your posts in order to get your post go viral. Most people do all the other five steps really well but use some complex combinations of words as their hashtag and description.

For instance, if you go with tough and hardly used words, people will obviously not find your boards as they search using routine or trendy words.

Due to this, Pinterest doesn’t show their pin on the search hit although their post is exactly what that person wants…

In fact, a lot of bloggers do this mistake although their board and everything is just on point with attractive images and superb content, the blunder they do is, using uncommon keywords complaining later “ our post is not pinned “.

Affiliate Products:

Pinning about affiliated products is a great technique used by a lot of pinners, as this is a clever move a lot of people on Pinterest inheriting.

But, you need a lot of courage as well to market someone else’s product. In affiliate product marketing, you can earn money from that product’s owner and in this case, you may earn followers who are loyal to that specific product.

Use a pin promotional strategy:

It’s very important to have a proper strategy, before hitting the market. And if you enter the market with a weak strategy, then be ready to face failures in the very initial days and such failures always demotivate a new blogger or influencers.

To make a strong strategy, whose main essence is the maximum promotion of your pin. Pinning regularly using Tailwind, as it allows you to check the best time to pin on your account.

The time when most of your audiences are online is the best time, indeed to pin and grab attention.

Add catchy titles to your pins:

 Yout pin titles and image are the first things, users are going to interact first. After that, they move further with your content otherwise they move forward to the next pin or board.

It’s very necessary, to choose a catchy title for your pin in order to make it viral and grab maximum attention from users.

The plan is simple, whenever you write a new content write at least 5 interesting titles for that. Make changes in the adjectives, until you get the best relevant one.

Bottom line:

So, I hope these six steps will help you in making your post go viral but as I said earlier be calm as nothing happens so quickly good things take time but they work gradually.

With the passage of time, you also gain experience of dealing with keywords and what are the tricks of putting them in your pins, making them trendy!

I will also give you a bonus tip, post your content using trendy keywords that are easy to search by users, along with attractive images and colorful boards reflecting your main theme.

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Tips to make your Pins go viral

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