Bluehost hosting reviews

BlueHost Reviews

BlueHost is the oldest one among the web hosts, which started earlier in 1996, it has been the famous brand name with the use of WordPress hosting. It is officially recommended by ‘WordPress’ hosting. While using Bluehost, you will never have to think over the website facing slow speed and also even when it faces a lot of problem in traffic.

They provide 24/7 expert opinion support when so ever you need help by phone, email, or live chat. They have been rated as number one among web hosting for initial stages of businesses. Above all of this, they are providing WpStairs users a great discount of 63% exclusively with  a Free of cost Domain, Free of cost  SSL, and  free of cost  Site Builder along with templates.


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Our Expert’s Review about Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost have been found as great web hosting company amongst the other companies in world and is officially recommended by WordPress hosting provider. Bluehost provide a vast diversity of hosting plans for smaller to larger business with provision of a 24/7 client support services. In this review, we have found that they are reliable, quick, and reasonable with friendly 24/7 customer satisfaction and support. This is the reason that has suggested BlueHost as the best amongst WordPress hosting companies.

About Bluehost Hosting

Now have a look on company’s history itself. Bluehost started their business in early 1996 and gradually grown up to came into being as a largest web hosting company in entire world. Now It is working for almost 2 million websites in the entire world. Bluehost is having a consistent standing association with WordPress community. They feel it proud in themselves for their 24/7 client services and support, remarkable hosting infrastructure with full support for free of cost software likewise WordPress.

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Pros of Bluehost

All the reviews regarding web hosting are based on research and transparent accuracy to provide a good review in depth. In this contest, Bluehost is having a feature in it that’s affordable is relatively easy and quickto start with. Following are the details.

Low Introductory Pricing

Bluehost is the cheaper solution available, the reason behind its massive popularity is this that however it’s not much cheaper but it is offering a good price among other options available.

Good Security Options

Bluehost provides special security options which are too good, providing tools that fight with the most common website risks and spams. They are also providing hot link safety (that prevents people from stealing the images or data).

Many Integration and Apps

Bluehost also provides the option of a dashboard with full applications which enables you to integrate various services, e.g Google Apps CloudFlare, just to enhance the capabilities of your site.

Official’ Recommended Host

WordPress an official website ( has recently upgrade the hosting page. In which, they’ve recommended three hosting providers, which includes SiteGroundDreamhost and Bluehost.

Cons of Bluehost

The comments and feedback of BlueHost review on internet is found with glowing remarks But after goin in details of unbiased a different pictures emerges. But the reviewing the facts prior for passing the judgment.

Low Uptime of 99.90%

The uptime of Bluehost falls in just .11% more than the industry average that is (99.90%) over the years. It means that This is 7 hours downtime only  out of 8760 hours which was experienced last year. They had tremendous achievement in December. Bluehost also claimed that they were having numerous DDoS attack for their servers. Generally, does not perfect, but not even poor either.

Slow Customer Support

Managing more than two million websites is not easy task. That’s actually factual. But for waiting more than 43 minutes (at their peak hours) to find that their team is not supportive or good.

Paid Site Migrations

Many among the hosting providers which we’ve read will surely happily help you in moving an existing website from their current position to their service. since, it’s a fast process to let you switch the companies and be their trustworthy customer for the next upcoming years.

 Expensive Training

They charge you extra fees for a simple 45 minute initial walk over about their services they will charge you back $79.99. Whereas, other hosting providers are in fact very much happy in providing complimentary training since you’re actually signing up for the service in the long-term.


Most of the hosting providers claim ‘unlimited’ hosting that is of course not a comprehensive truth. Bluehost is having no difference in this regard.

Features of Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost provides various hosting plans which include all the budgets and dimensions. Which contains shared hosting, VPS, servers, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, and may more. Following is the details regarding features of Blluehost Plans.

  • Shared hosting: it is the appropriate way to begin a new website having lowest traffic of volume. In this hosting paln, the website actually shares the server resources and data with the other websites.
  • Cloud hosting: It is the more reliable and  upgraded than the shared hosting plan. It actually permits you to avail numerous cloud servers, which allows the website to switch automatically to the different server if in the case of the  hardware failure or may be any  high traffic.
  • WordPress hosting: It is a hosting deal that is designed particularly for WordPress associated websites. It is customized to process WordPress and can also even secure the WordPress site from common threats.
  • WooCommerce hosting: It is the more famous eCommerce plugin avail in wordPress, which allows having easy start on the online store alongwith WordPress. It also provides you all the necessary features to start the ecommerce store.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting:  it is an upgraded version to be shared WordPress hosting; this hosting permits you for virtual devoted means in a common environment.
  • Dedicated server hosting: A devoted server for your website, which means that you will be having all the relevant resources within the server to you. The weakness is that you will be managing the server at your own.

All of the Bluehost hosting plans permit you to install WordPress easily. All of the plans come up with the easiness to use the hosting control panel so that you can handle your hosting, and create databases, etc.

Breakdown of Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost provides a shared hosting package flexible for beginners websites. Their shared plan is provided in three types of levels.

Let’s have a look that what’s has been included in each of the plan.

  • Basic: The deal of basic plan only permits you to host only one website. It only hosts one of the domain and also 25 subdomains; it has 50GB storage, 5 email accounts with 100 MB storage for each of the account. Initially you’ll have to pay $2.95 in a month. But when you require renewing the account, you’ll then have to pay for $7.99 in a month.
  • Plus: The deal of Plus plan contains unlimited websites that has unlimited web space with bandwidth. You’ll get the various email accounts. They initially charge you in start for about $5.45 in a month. But when you require renewing the account, you’ll then have to pay for $10.99 in a month.
  • Prime: The deal for Prime plan contains all the features of the plus plan. You will also have domain privacy and the SiteBackup Pro complimentary as extras worth more than $80 annually. In Prime you will have to pay for $5.45 in a month. When you renewing, you’ll then have to pay for $14.99 in a month.

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After going through this review you may be surprised if Bluehost is the best option for the website? The Bluehost has been ranked #1 hosting company by number of websites. They provide a vast range of hosting plans with so many features which help you to easily create your website. All of their hosting plans contains 24/7 client satisfaction support from technical staff. Highly notable, they provide reasonable beginners plan that is suitable in any budget requirement. If at all you are starting it, then you need to sign up for the Bluehost shared hosting plan. It is convenient on your budget, and has all the relevant tools. As far as your site grown up you may easily update your hosting plan respectively.


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