How To Make Money Blogging

Whether you are a blogger who has no idea how to generate money with blogging or a newbie who wants to understand how to blog income works, this article is a must-read for you.

The burning question, “how to make money with blogging?” has been discussed many times but very few people explain it step by step.

As a novice, you need a complete guidance and after reading this post you will know everything you need to do.

Step-By-Step Guide To Make Money with Blogging

First thing’s first, like every other earning method, you must have the skills and determination to make money blogging because this is not a “earn money overnight” or “fastest way to get rich” kind of thing.

If you are looking for this, you shouldn’t be here.

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However, if you are committed to blogging, these 5 steps will help you in creating a satisfactory monthly income.

The first two steps are for those who haven’t established a blog yet, rest is the same for all.

  • Create your blog
  • Determine a niche and compose productive content
  • Promote your blog to gain viewers
  • Communicate with your viewers to gain their loyalty
  • Start earning with direct and indirect methods

Create Your Blog

If you don’t have a blog already, you obviously need to create one first only then you can start making money.

For newbies, there are many resources out there that will guide you through the whole process of designing a blog according to your requirements.

You can set up a blog with the help of these guides and once you are done with configuration and designing, you can move towards the next step.

WordPress is the most common and reputed Content Management System among bloggers and it is recommended that you select WordPress, given that it has numerous enhancement features and affiliations.

Determine A Niche And Compose Productive Content

After setting up an attractive blog, it is necessary to focus on the content that you want to present and the type of readers you are hoping to attract.

For this, the first and foremost step is selecting a niche so that you can concentrate on one thing rather than being a “Jack-of-all-trades”, which can decelerate your growth process.

When it comes to creating engaging content, you need to acknowledge each and every detail.

From the information provided in the text to the proper use of grammar, from SEO techniques for higher ranking to creating material which the readers can relate to, everything should be considered.

Try to create fresh content rather than writing on the same topic already discussed by others.

It will make sure that your content is somehow beneficial for the readers and they will return for more.

Loyal readers are extremely important for increasing page views, which in turn is essential to make money blogging.

Promote Your Blog To Gain Viewers

When you have created enough content, don’t just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen. Blogs don’t promote themselves, you have to do it yourself.

Basically, it is the part where your marketing skills come in. You can use different strategies to increase viewers but along with that you need to apply these instructions;

  • Target those readers who will be attracted to your blog.
  • Create backlinks and guest posts.
  • Don’t just aim for traffic, aim for readers.
  • Promote on social media accounts.
  • Speed optimization is important, so the readers don’t leave your website due to slow browsing.
  • While applying SEO, avoid excessive keyword use. Keep it simple and meaningful.

Communicate With Your Viewers To Gain Their Loyalty

Apart from creating an interactive content and boosting your blog, your next priority should be building a relationship with the readers and showing your presence by communicating with them.

  • Write in a casual tone, share personal opinions and ask them to give feedback.
  • Add a slight cliffhanger, so your viewers are more interested in communicating with you.
  • Relate your writing with actual events
  • Create a poll or a challenge.
  • Focus on the readers who regularly visit your blog and address them personally.
  • Answer queries of the viewers.
  • Actively respond to comments.
  • Create a forum where you can have a proper interaction with the viewers to build a proper community.
  • Also, encourage the viewers to ask questions.
  • Accept healthy criticism because it will help your blog to grow and create a positive effect on the viewers as well.

By actively communicating, you will persuade the readers to come back for more posts. Loyal viewers are better than large traffic and they are the ones that will help you in generating income with your blog.

Start Earning With Direct And Indirect Methods

After four steps, you are probably wondering how you can actually make money blogging.

Well, there are numerous ways to do that and while each blogger can earn money the same way, that would not be the optimal solution.

For example, a blogger who does not have a huge number of page views might not make as much money through advertisements as he could have if he was promoting some product.

But if he is using both these strategies, his odds of making a sufficient income are definitely higher.

These money-making sources can be categorized into direct and indirect sources of income.

  • Direct source of income is when you earn via blog contents like ad posting, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and reviews, selling virtual and physical products or offering e-books and e-courses.
  • An indirect source of income is when you are offered a job if someone likes your blog. These are usually small, one-time tasks like holding a workshop for new bloggers or selling a product for someone, creating an online video or advertisement, etc.

While there are many ways to make money blogging, only the most rewarding ways are mentioned here.

Advertisements for blog

Making money with blogging through ads, might be the most common method that bloggers acquire.

However, this method is highly reliant on page views.

Some bloggers have reported that page views don’t really matter and their income went up the same month their views went down, but this condition is achieved only when your page views have already reached a saturation point.

For example, if you have page views in 6 digits per month, then the decline in your views might not affect your income negatively.

But as a beginner, you have to get as much page views as you can.

You cannot hope to make money blogging without enough people reading your content.

Now, there are many companies to choose from, for example, Google AdSense is everyone’s first choice.

However, the payout is not very good unless you have a great number of page views.

But you can start with AdSense in the beginning when you have fewer page views.

Mediavine is another very popular ad company.

While they require around 25000 sessions per month, the difference in pay is relatively very high.

Sessions basically identify viewers based on their identity and time of viewing.

A session might consist of one or more page views.

While the target might be difficult to achieve, the reward is totally worth it.

AdThrive is also a well-known ad network.

Their requirements are 100K page views per month.

So this is like the end goal for you. If you manage to get approved you will be making thousands of dollars just with advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money blogging is affiliate marketing.

In this method, you partner with companies to market their products on your website.

If the viewers make a sale through your website, you get a commission on that product.

There are many companies you can partner up with, for example; Amazon, Flex Offers, Shopher Media, Shareasale etc.

What’s great about these companies is that they keep a time window of 24 hours or so for your reader.

If the reader buys a product, not necessarily the one marketed on your website at that time, you get a commission on that sale.

This increases your odds to get paid through this method.

However, there is a catch, the commission on the products averages around 5-7%.

So you must market in an appealing way to increase sales of the company through your blog.

Also, make sure you have verified the quality of the product.

If readers are unsatisfied with products bought through your blog, you risk losing your credibility.

Also, you need to disclose that your blog post includes affiliate links, otherwise things can get problematic.

Sponsored Posts for blog

This income method refers to advertising a company’s product or service and the company pays you in return for that.

This might seem similar to affiliate marketing however it differs greatly.

Rather than posting links about the products, you write about it in your blog post and the great part is that you are paid for only writing the post i.e. the readers don’t have to buy the product.

And not only that, the payouts are relatively very high.

You can also increase your rates as your page views increase.

However, it is absolutely necessary to reveal to your readers that they are reading a sponsored post.

Offering Services And Selling Products for blog

This method is reported to be the highest source of income.

If you want to make great money, you should develop your own product and blog about it.

But this method is not recommended for beginners for two reasons.

  • One, it requires a lot of work to develop a product that will be worth buying. And if you are not using the passive methods like advertisements and affiliate marketing, you will miss out on easy income.
  • Two, selling products require people to know about your product. So if you have not worked on increasing your page views first, there won’t be anyone to purchase your product.
  • It is recommended that after exploring and using the above three mentioned methods, you dive into selling your own product to make money blogging.

Once you do reach that point where affiliate marketing and advertisements are bringing in sufficient bucks, you can focus on building on your own product.

You can sell either physical or virtual products.

Physical products can include selling books. While virtual products refer to E-books, E-courses, software programs, and applications.

Virtual product businesses are usually more successful because of their virtual nature.  

E-books and E-courses have become a very common and legitimate source of learning nowadays.

However, your content must be worthy of your reader’s money.

Other alternatives:

There are also some other methods to make money blogging which are not that popular or proven to generate high revenue.

But some of them are worth mentioning.

Writing Reviews: Like sponsored posts, you can write reviews of products and get paid for them. You can try out products of your interest.

PayPerPost and SponsoredReviews are websites which can help you connect with the companies who are looking for bloggers to write reviews.

Here you get to use the product of your niche and get paid to write a review about them.

Flipping Websites: If you can create a website on a platform like WordPress and generate a lot of traffic on it.

Then lucky for you, there are many startups looking for such ready to go websites.

And you can make quite a lot by selling these websites to them.

Coaching and Consultancy: If you have enough traffic on your website, you might consider offering coaching and consultancy services.

You can be a life coach for someone, helping someone with their personal growth and in achieving their goals.

And if coaching doesn’t suit you, you can be a consultant to your readers.

Instead of going through the trouble of offering products or services to your clients, you can give them advice for their professional endeavors.

You can provide them with strategies that they could not come up with by themselves.

Excluding the above mentioned, there are many other ways to make money blogging, some of which might not even be known publicly.

But for now, this is enough to get you started.


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How To Make Money Blogging

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