WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

Are you just starting with wordpress? If you’re a fresh blogger who’s looking to setup a wordpress account but doesn’t know enough about it to start, you’re at the right place.

Here’s a very surprising fact, despite how often you hear the word WordPress, you might not know that there are in fact two different WordPress Content Management Systems!


Well, they both do the same thing, both are content management systems but there’s a huge technical and work-ability difference. They are WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

In this Article we will bring wordPress out into the ring, and have a full drawn brawl  of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Why Worry?

If you are new, then you definitely don’t know the difference both of these platforms. The most pressing question might be Does it even matter?  Can’t I just go with any one of them?

No you can’t. A major difference between both of them is about the hosting of the website.

WordPress.com hosts your website on their own server. They take care of hosting and all the supported handiwork of hosting for you so that’s one less worry for you.

But with WordPress.org, You are the host of your own website. The site provides a free WordPress software for download. You can then install it on your own web server.

Of course, since wordpress.com is free it has very limited features. That’s a handicap when you’re someone who requires a lot of customization for the site. However, you can get more customization permission by upgrading to their paid service which provides better features.

Right now though it is still early to jump to conclusions and decide the better option between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

If you’re a beginner, choosing the right platform might very well be the most crucial aspect for your online success. Having said that, let’s dive deeper and see what both of these platforms are and what do they offer!

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org focuses more on providing the users with freedom to build, change and share.

It allows you to host your own blog or website either on your own server or by using a hosting service provider. The site has a free downloadable WordPress software to download and install on your computer.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org , requires a bit of technical knowledge. You don’t have to be a pro at it since there are hundreds of guides available if you get stuck. And hey, google always has an answer.

You need to be familiar with web hosting, domains and their usage. With a technical mind, you won’t find it hard to work with the control panel and WordPress dashboard while customizing the site. The most appealing feature of wordpress.org is the use of Plugins and themes. If you’re not much of a coder. You  can always use these to tailor your site to your will.

To break it all down into a number of features;

  • Cost

WordPress.org is free to use but with extensive features, including plugins, themes etc or a hosting service provider. You might incur an annual cost of around $100.

  • Hosting

WordPress.org is  self-hosted content management system.Meaning you either work with a third-party hosting company which will charge you for its services, or you can host it at your own server for free.

Similarly, WordPress.org provides a tool to manage the site but not the domain name. This comes with the freedom to purchase your own custom domain name.

  • Software

You need to download and install the WordPress Software yourself In order to access the Content Management System.

  • Setup

Being a technical person, I am of an opinion that WordPress.org is easier to use. But considering the fact that you need to set it up yourself. For a novice, or non technical person, it might not be a piece of cake. But if you’re someone who can follow instructions properly then you’re good to go.

Since its self hosted, you’re responsible for Security and backup. Either you by using plugins or a third party website ensure Security or your web hosting company takes care of it for you.

  • Management

Being self-hosted, you’re 100% responsible for creating and managing it.

  • Coding

If you don’t want to be limited by WordPress, WordPress.org allows you to tweak the coding of the site. Feel free to do what you want!

WordPress.org sets no restrictions on the kinds of themes you use. You can use one from their collection, download one of the free ones, pay for more premium themes or just create your own from scratch.

  • Plugins

Just like themes , WordPress.org has thousands of plugin, use the ones already in their library, buy from other resources or make one from scratch!

  • Support

In case you’re stuck, you will have to rely on yourself or perhaps google, the saviour. Other than that, for quick fixes, try to subscribe to as many blogs as you need to.

  • e-Commerce

Since there’s no need to adhere to WordPress’s own hosting platform, open yourself to different monetizing possibilities. Explore your options by opening your site to marketing, by running ads, selling products or services through your site, offering memberships, and more.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com just like WordPress.org uses an open source software called WordPress. A company named Automattic owns WordPress.com.  It provides a website and blogging service which doesn’t require much from its users and is free to use.

With WordPress.com, all you need is a basic understanding of its interface, with a bit of tweaking and poking around, you can learn to use the platform and make the most out of the limited themes and feature options available.

  • Cost

WordPress.com is free and provides up to 3GB. For more customization and additional features, you need to pay.

  • Hosting

Web hosting is provided by WordPress.com accounts. All WordPress.com come with their labels and ads. Which can be removed by using their Premium or business Plans.

  • Domain

In WordPress.com, the free usage plan provides you a subdomain instead of an exclusive custom domain. This domain will always have wordpress in its URL.

  • Software

You don’t need a software. You Just create an account to start.

  • Setup

A very easy setup that the site guides you through..

  • Security and Backup

WordPress.com already has Security and Backup but this does not guarantee 100% security.

  • Management

WordPress.com requires minimal or no Management.

  • Coding

You do not have any access to the coding of the site for further personalization.

You’ve a limited number of 165 themes in the free plan. They come with limitations and could adversely affect your site. To counter that, you need to buy the premium themes for which you’ll have to pay for either business or Premium Plan.

  • Plugins

WordPress.com provides you the plugins. For better or for worse, every plugin comes from them.

  • Support

With WordPress.com’s free plan, you’re on your own. Except for the paid plans, where live chat and email support is provided.

  • e-Commerce

WordPress.com has certain restrictions to commercialize your site. Which includes the use of their Business plan, ad system and limited traffic.

  • WordPress Network

The best part about WordPress.com is being a part of WordPress network, This helps you when you have your site featured and additional traffic is sent your way.

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

To sum up everything about WordPress.com VS WordPress.org that has been discussed in the post so far.

In a nutshell,



  It might cost you around $46 – $100  per year.  It is free of Cost.
  You can set up a custom Domain.  Does not allow users to setup custom domains. (on free plan)
  Since it is self-hosted, there’s unlimited hosting Storage.  Since the site is hosted by the company there’s a limited hosting Storage of 3GB.
  You have the freedom to monetize your site.  You cannot monetize it.
  You are allowed Branding freedom.  You’re not allowed any branding freedom.
  Provides and supports all SEO features.  No, does not have all SEO features.
  It provides Full customizable themes.  Limited theme support.
  Has Powerful Analytics.  No Powerful Analytics
  Allows e-commerce Store.  No e-commerce store.
  Has Full plugin support.  Limited plugins are allowed
  This platform requires maintenance.  It does not require maintenance.
  Users have full and complete control of the site and its design.  Users have limited control.


I hope this Post on WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, was able to shed some light on both the platforms and helped you reach some conclusive decisions. Decide which platform will suit your better after carefully weighing all the pros and Cons of both platforms. If you have further questions, just drop a comment below. Subscribe for more Such Posts. See you in the Next One! Happy Tech Hunting!

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org
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