6 Best WordPress Courses for Beginners

WordPress is an exceptional Content Management System (CMS) that helps in building any type of blog or website. However, there are some tips and technicalities that you need to know before starting a website.

So it’s better to have a look at WordPress courses for beginners.

WordPress Courses For Beginners

When it comes to WordPress, it is usually hard for beginners to decide on a learning method.

This is because plenty of sources are present for learning like blogs, books, courses, tutorials, workshops, forums, etc.

But you should know that it is recommended to opt for online WordPress courses for beginners.

Why do you need WordPress Courses?

Blogs and tutorials can only help you learn, to some extent and sometimes they are more advanced than you can comprehend.

As a beginner, you need all basic information for running and building a website that can only be attained by taking different courses, provided online.

These courses are specific for each class of learners and beginners should invest in them if they want to create an extraordinary website.

In order to give you a better perspective of online courses, I am going to list a few WordPress courses for beginners that start from scratch and provide all the information you need to begin with WordPress.

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1. Complete WordPress Training For Beginners – By Udemy

Pricing: Free of cost

Course Duration: 4 hours

Course material:

  • Basic Introduction: What is WordPress? How to install it?
  • Background: What is meant by Content Management?
  • WordPress Configuration: How to establish a website?
  • WordPress forums, posts, and pages
  • Use of plugins and website enhancing features like embedding audio and video links, adding photos to the content.
  • Discussion on SEO and meta tags for high ranking
  • Designing personal themes


  • Free WordPress courses for beginners are usually less beneficial but this one is quite detailed and provides all the necessary instructions to launch your website.
  • Complete and easy step-by-step guide in just a few hours.


  • There is some advanced content in last lectures like designing personal themes.
  • This course was last updated in 2013 so it is a little outdated with respect to themes and other features but the information is still applicable.

2. WordPress Essential Training – By Lynda

Pricing: Starting at $19.99/month (Offers free trial for a month)
Course Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes

Course material:

  • What is WordPress? Differences between .com, .org, etc.
  • How WordPress works? Installations and Configurations, using admin panels, site, etc.
  • How to create and manipulate posts on your website?
  • Adding Multimedia: Adding images to your content, adding videos from third-party applications such as YouTube.
  • Creating Pages: When to use a page and how to create it?
  • Managing Content: Introduction of Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Styling your Website: What are themes? How to add, modify, customize themes? Adding widgets and third-party themes to your website.
  • Plugins: How to install, activate and upgrade plugins? Which plugins to begin with?
  • User Profiles: Adding and managing user roles.
  • Configuration Setup: Setting up the general configurations for your website like language, read/write, media settings, etc.
  • Managing Readers: Attracting users, managing a discussion forum, managing spam, and comments.
  • Keeping the system up-to-date: Is your WordPress secure? How to keep WordPress updated?
  • Securing your website through third-party services. How to deal with the white screen of death?


  • Unlike other WordPress courses for beginners, this one takes you from beginner level to a stage where you can create your own websites and host content.
  • Detailed course outline, helps you learn exactly what you want in just a few hours.


  • If you already have some experience with WordPress, this course might be too slow for you as it focuses a lot on the basics of WordPress.
  • The quality of the course is not consistent on lynda.com as each course instructor might be different.

3. WordPress 101 – By WP101

Pricing:  $19 (Introduction to WordPress and the first lecture is free so you can begin the course before paying).
Course Duration: 2 hours approximately.

Course material

  • What is WordPress? How to install it? Difference between .com and .org?
  • According to your requirements which one to use, Posts or Pages?
  • A look at the WordPress editor. Navigating through the toolbar.
  • Creating, editing and formatting posts.
  • Using Tags to increase web traffic (SEO techniques).
  • Adding photos, audio, and video media to posts, adding photo galleries to your content, embedding external video/audio content, and using Media Library for file uploads(.pdf, .docx, .jpg)
  • Managing comments and dealing with SPAM.
  • Creating hyperlinks for external images and websites.
  • How to add a widget? Using widgets to add blocks of content to your website.
  • Customizing and installing themes and navigation menus.
  • Installing plugins to add new functionalities to your website and finding which plugins to use.
  • How to use WordPress tools(import, export, backup)? How to configure settings for WordPress?


  • A great course for a beginner. Includes all the basics one needs to know.
  • Easier accessibility. Available in Spanish as well.
  • If you encounter a problem, you can ask about in on the forum and get help.


  • None

Out of all WordPress courses for beginners, this one is the best because it is quite detailed and not very costly.

4. WordPress for Beginners: Master WordPress Quickly – By Udemy

Pricing: $194.99 (30-days money-back guarantee)
Course Duration: 8 hours of video lectures along with articles and supplementary sources.

Course material:

  • Media Library: Managing images, video and audio files to be shared on the website.
  • WordPress Setting: Step-by-step guide to configure settings for your WordPress application.
  • WordPress Post and Pages: How to create, edit and format each?
  • Post Tags and Categories: Usage of tags to maximize traffic and increase search engine rankings of your website.
  • Setting up Pages: Contact us, About us and Legal pages. Why are they important?
  • Navigation System: Customizing navigation on your website, internal linking between multiple pages of your website.
  • WordPress Security and Plugins: Protecting from hackers and maintaining a secure system by keeping the system up to date and integrating third-party security solutions. Learning how to add a plugin and which plugins to use.
  • Setting up your own website: A 20-step plan for you to set up a ready to go website.


  • There are only a few WordPress courses for beginners that focus on hands-on learning
  • Allows the viewer to develop practical skills rather easily, this is one of those courses.
  • Udemy has a large community and other students taking this course will help you along in case you get stuck.
  • There is mostly a 95% Off featured for most of the courses, which will allow you to purchase this course only for 10 dollars.


  • The price for the course is very high and without the 95% OFF it would not be wise to buy this course given suitable alternatives mentioned in this article.

5. WordPress Essentials Course – By WP Apprentice

Pricing: $47 (Lifetime plan and access to the course with 60-days money-back guarantee)
Course Duration: 50 lectures that you can access all the time with lifetime package.

Course material:

  • Getting started: How to install? Difference between .ORG and .COM?
  • How to use the WordPress dashboard?
  • Posts vs Pages. Creation, modification, and management of each. Learn, when to use either one.
  • Categories vs Tags: Use of both of these.
  • WordPress Media Library: Adding images, audio, and video to posts, adding PDF file downloads and embedding external videos from sites like Youtube to your content.
  • Customized themes: How to use themes?
  • Adding widgets.
  • Managing comments and dealing with SPAM.
  • WordPress Maintenance: Upgrading, importing and exporting content, managing user roles, backing up plugins and taking security precautions and keeping your system updated.
  • WordPress Settings: Configuring general, read, write, media and discussion settings for your WordPress application.


  • Lifetime access allows you to revisit some topics later on if you need to, this is a distinctive feature.
  • As this WordPress course covers every aspect of WordPress web development, it is ideal for users who want to jump right in and get started with creating a live website.


  • This course is expensive considering its alternatives, the lifetime access won’t facilitate everyone.

WordPress Basics – By Treehouse

Pricing: $25/month (access to all courses)
Course Duration: 100 minutes

Course material:

  • Managing content in WordPress: Pages, posts, categories and tags  and their respective operations
  • Managing media in WordPress: Adding images to a post, adding photo galleries, audio, and video media to posts, embedding external videos from third-party sites to your content.
  • WordPress Customizer: Customizing content, managing widgets and customizing navigation menus.
  • WordPress Themes: Installing and Activating themes in your WordPress application.
  • WordPress Plugins: Installing plugins on your website. Finding suitable plugins.


  • WordPress Basics is just one of the best WordPress courses for beginners offered on Treehouse.
  • You can learn from basics mentioned above to learn how to migrate your changes from your local environment to the live server.
  • If you are looking to learn some additional web basics, this is the platform for you.
  • Treehouse features a quiz to help you assess yourself and determine how well you have done in a particular section.
  • If you don’t score well on the quiz you can go back and revisit the lectures.


  • Like many other WordPress courses, prices are high as according to the given course content.
  • Some of these videos might assume that you have prior technical web related knowledge and you might feel lost for a bit.

if there are some other WordPress courses for beginners that I haven’t listed down, let me know in comments


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